Aria The Animation – That Starlike Fairy Episode 9

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Better do the hello thing otherwise I’ll be another passing ship in the blogger night for some people. My name is Lita and I talk about too many things on the interwebs involving anime. You can check out my blog here and solo podcast I run monthly

I felt humbled Ash asking me to write for his new site, the vision here aligns with a new view I have for single episodes as opposed at heart I am a anime binger. Last month and a bit ago, I completed the first season of a beloved anime franchise that has spanned over a decade: Aria The Animation. Being described as the most “zen” anime there is, certainly possesses this quality but definitely much more with a life philosophical approach. Each episode comes with a life aspect, reminder of the everyday like you’re wrapped in a blanket, warm and comforting.

My favourite episode from season one focuses on Akari, Alice and Aika in-training “undines” (tourist guides who ride gondoles within a futuristic venice known as Neo Venezia) as go on a trip to visit the so called “the great fairy” founder of the Aria company Akari is from. Aika spurs on this trip feeling frustrated from the repetitive training they do constantly and drained from not making progress. There is hope that they will learn some great lessons or secrets to progressing towards there training as a undines. 


Akino the founder greets the girls with open arms and has them picking up nuts, doing everyday tasks. By the time dinner time rolls around the Aika is confused towards the direction of Akino, no mention of undine secrets yet. More like a stopping by for tea and cake visit. 


Near nightfall the girls have been fed and a lovely bath but still no lessons. Aika kind of implodes her worry and frustration towards Akino of what was the point of all the meaningless things they did during the day, this won’t let her move forward as a undine. The conversation leads towards Aika asking a question about Alicia the current head of Aira company, of her general laid back approach towards training. Akino answers catches the girls off guard: enjoy everything. 

The power of anime itself hits you in that moment of a simple life aspect, an  everyday that remains in the dark because our minds are monopolized with a busy mindset. A productive, see results, we need to be doing society is what we live in. I know I need to be and maybe you need be a Alicia enjoying it all, even the sour, good, bad moments. Overtime they season our mindset to a more let go one and find a desire that being alive is the best breathe will ever take in. There is no such thing as shortcut towards your passion, goals, the progress and downfall are apart of the happening. That is a part of the living process. 

This episode did a beautiful, divine job at expressing a forgotten realisation, it resonates deeply for me and how my mindset was like Aika at one stage in my life. 

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